Apple iPad Mini 2


Apple iPad mini 2

  • Perfectly portable model, offering all-day power, breathtaking visuals and extremely fast navigation.
  • Built in Retina Dislpay, A7 chip and advanced wireless connection.
  • A7 processor and M7 coprocessor, delivering outstanding responsiveness.
  • Dual band WiFi technology, the connection is twice as fast.
  • Powered with iOS 9.



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Apple iPad mini 2

A perfectly portable model, offering all-day power, breathtaking visuals and extremely fast navigation. At 7.5 millimetres thin and weighing just over 300 grams, the iPad mini fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and can be easily slipped into a handbag or backpack. Despite its name, the product has been designed to deliver nothing less than the full iPad experience. You can reap all the benefits of the iPad Air including the Retina display, the A7 chip and its advanced wireless connection.The iPad mini’s smoothness and fluidity comes from the Apple A7 processor and M7 coprocessor, delivering outstanding responsiveness that revolutionalises operation – from scrolling and streaming, to searching and game playing. Thanks to the A7 chip the iPad mini is incredibly efficient, offering 10 hours of battery life and instant wakeup so you can work and play without restrictions. With advanced dual band WiFi technology built into your iPad, your connection will be up to twice as fast as previous generation iPads. The Retina display on the iPad mini is incredibly breathtaking. You can enjoy true edge-to-edge viewing and really get in the picture as your attention is drawn towards what matters most. The iPad Mini Retina comes with iOS 9, which offers clearer icons, tons of new features and improvements to the keyboard, messaging, battery indicator and more. With over a million apps downloadable from the App Store the iPad mini offers great entertainment options for increased productivity and endless fun. Shoot dazzling photos and film in Full HD 1080p with the iPad mini iSight camera.Automatic video stabilisation will make sure your recording is free of shakes, and snapping photos is just as easy with autofocus. Built-in face detection automatically balances focus and exposure so every side of you will look good. If you love to travel or live in an area with poor internet connectivity, mobile broadband is the best way to get online. Mobile broadband gives you a hot spot in your pocket by connecting to the internet via 3G or 4G – similar to the way your smartphone does when you’re away from home. Ask one of our knowledgeable colleagues in store for more information about how to get your tablet online when you’re out and about.

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