Nokia Body+ WiFi Scales


Nokia Body+ WiFi Bathroom Scales:

  • Monitors weight, body fat & water %, plus muscle and bone mass.
  • Weight trend screen delivers instant feedback.
  • Daily local weather forecast.
  • Extra morning motivation, viewing the previous days information.
  • Sync with Health Mate to track your progress.


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The Nokia Body+ is perfect for individuals who are keen on losing weight, or are focused on having good health. The scales not only monitor your body weight, but it also records your body fat and water percentages, as well as bone mass. The weight trend screen delivers instant feedback after every use. The scales also displays the local daily weather forecast.

What makes this product special compared to other bathroom weighing scales, is that you can sync it with the “Health Mate” app on your smartphone. You will then see your performance over a longer time period. This allows you to see what improvements need to be made to your daily life, in order to reach your health goals.

Health Mate is available on both Android and iOS devices.

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